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Situated in the south east of Iraq, north west of Basrah, Thi-Qar is the site of the ancient Sumerian cities of Ur, Eridu, Ngirsu and Lagash. The security situation in the governorate remains calm.


The draining of the Marshland areas in the south west of the governorate during the 1980s had a severe impact on the governorate’s agriculture-based economy. Unemployment is high at 31% compared to a 15% national average. The Marshlands require significant improvements in water resource management to revitalize the local economy.


Improvements in access to credit, veterinary services, and water, electricity and communications infrastructure are also required to stimulate the private sector and job creation. The provincial government aims to encourage religious and archaeological tourism to shrines and ancient sites, as well as eco-tourism to the Marshland areas.


Thi-Qar performs poorly according to many humanitarian and developmental indicators. 32% of the population lives below the national poverty line, with the Marshlands areas worst hit. Low education levels are a major problem among women: outside Nassriya district, over 37% of women aged ten years and over are illiterate and over 61% are without a primary education. Just 6% of rural women aged 15-64 years are economically active.


Two thirds of Thi-Qar’s post-2006 IDP population comes from Baghdad. Almost all are Shi’a Arabs. A high proportion (58%) of the governorate’s post-2006 IDPs has expressed a desire to settle in their current location. 95% of IDP families require access to employment opportunities as a priority need, while 92% require assistance with shelter.


Governorate Capital: Nassriyah
Area: 12,900 sq km (3% of Iraq)
Population: 1,616,226 (5% of total)
  Source: GoI COSIT (est. for 2007)

Gender Distribution: Male: 50% Female: 50%
Geo Distribution: Rural: 42% Urban: 58%
  Source: GoI COSIT (est. for 2007)

Population by district:
  Source: WFP VAM (2007)
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